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Prescription Copay and Discount Plans

Prescription Insurance Plans

Ohio prescription plans are not really insurance products. They are prescription savings programs. It entitles you to a discount on prescription medications at time of purchase at a participating pharmacy. You will still be responsible for paying the discounted cost for your prescription. The amount of the discount may also vary by participating pharmacy.

Still, these plan can save you a lot of money on your prescriptions and can be used just about at any pharmacy.

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How do prescription plans work?

There is a network of over 44,000 national chain stores such as Walmart, CVS, Target, Kmart and so on, as well as independent pharmacies

These pharmacies have agreed to a preset discounted rate for a wide variety of prescriptions..

What is the discount?

Since each pharmacy charges different prices for a prescription, you really cannot put a fixed discount on any one item. If Walmart charges $55 for a prescription and CVS charges $65, the discounted rate of $30 might yield a different discount from each store.

You just need to look up your prescription and see what it will cost. If it is cheaper and you can save more money each month than this plan costs, it is a no-brainer.

This is actually 3 prescription plans in one

There are three parts to this plan:

5-Tier Max Copay - There are over 1000 medications that are available for a fixed copay of either $25, $40, $50, $60 or $75 for a 30 day supply.

$5, $10 and $15 Generic Mail Order - Some generics are as little as $15 for a 90 day supply.

Walk-In Pharmacy Discount - There are over 44,000 locations where you can present your card and get a substantial discount on your prescriptions.

How Do I apply?

Click on this Prescription Plan link.

It will take you to a new web page where you will click on the Rx Gold Card button

There is an Enroll Button on the page as well as the ability to look up your prescriptions to check

During the enrollment process you will be asked for an agent code. That code is MUFL7108 (make sure you use the capital letters, it is case sensitive). If they ask for a coupon code, just say no coupon (there aren't any and there never have been any, but the tech support staff will not remove it).

Call us if you have questions or need help.

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