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Medical Discount Cards Give You Access to the Insurance Companies Discounted Rates

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Medical Discount Cards

Medical discount plans are supposed to pass along to the user, the savings that insurance companies realize through a PPO network. In other words, you are supposedly entitled to the discounted rate for services.

Generally, due to the difficulty in getting the card accepted by a provider, we have stayed away from these products. A lot of these discount cards are part of multi-level marketing programs and have been sold with false promises at absurd rates.

We are now offering the Design Saver's Platinum card because:

1. The network is made up of multiple PPO networks. You have an unprecedented number of doctors and hospitals who will accept the plan.

2. They will actually assist you by talking with the doctor or hospital (or dentist) to make sure the card is accepted.

3. They will find the lowest cost provider for you.

4. The benefits are realistic and not inflated to sell a product. They are not a slimely multi-level marketing machine.

5. They offer additional benefits that are worthwhile such as a huge dental network, emergency room accident coverage, medivac, excellent prescription discounts and much more.

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How Medical Discount Cards Work - Or are supposed to work

A PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) is a network of medical providers who have agreed to accept discounted rates for their services. To insure a steady stream of patients, a physician might accept a payment of $50 for an office visit instead of $80. A hospital might price a normal maternity delivery at $2700 instead of $4500. We have a large list of actual savings from this particular plan.

If you are a member of a PPO network you should receive the discounted rates for services. When you have health insurance, the insurance company does the repricing and there is no problem securing the appropriate rates. However, when you show up at a provider and pull out your ACME Discount Plan card, they frequently tell you to get lost.

Design Savers recognized this problem and found a solution. The members pre-certify by having the network work with the doctor or hospital if there are any questions of acceptance. The provider is guaranteed payment by the network. WIth this guarantee, providers readily accept the card.

This card really works and the PPO network is the largest national network I have ever seen

By the way this network is huge. There are 750,000 Primary Care and Specialized Care Physicians, over 5,000 Acute Care Hospitals and approximately 75,000 Ancillary facilities including Skilled Nursing Care, OB/GYN, Outpatient Surgery, Counseling, Pediatrics, Cosmetic Centers, Alternative Care, Labs/Clinics, Radiology Centers, Rehab (Physical/Mental), Home Health Care.

How we use the PPO discounts

There are a lot of obvious uses for PPO discount plans.

1. They will re-price maternity services and save you thousands.

2. If you have a preexisting condition that will not be covered by your health insurance plan, you can still get the PPO rates for necessary services.

3. When we combine these cards with a hospital supplement, you can often cover the entire costs of a procedure that was not part of your health insurance plan.

4. If you want to have preventive testing done such as a colonoscopy or thallium stress test, they are usually not covered by individual plans. The discounts for these tests will be significant.

5. The plan includes an excellent dental network that will reprice all of your dental procedures.

6. There is a $2000 emergency accident plan to cover emergency room costs.

I could go on and on, medivac, travel assistance, chiropractic discounts, excellent prescription discount plan. All in all, one of the better products of its kind that I have seen.

Ohio Maternity Insurance and Discount PPO Programs

With this discount plan you will find that the cost of a normal delivery might average out to around $2700. We have a variety of hospital supplement plans that will pay most if not all of the discounted cost of the hospital. Considering that you can deliver within 10 months of obtaining a supplement and the costs for these plans are much less than a maternity rider, it is the most cost effective way I know of to have a baby.

How to Apply

The application is very simple. If this application is for a single individual, the cost is $37.50 per month. There is also a one-time non-refundable $20 application fee. On the lower right side of the box is a listing of a number of different plans. The plan with the PPO discounts is the Platinum plan. The other plans do not include this feature. Check the appropriate box.

They will take Visa, MC, Discover, American Express, a monthly bank draft, annual payment or your first born.

The plan usually saves you a lot more money than it costs. There are many more features in this plan which I was too lazy too list. If you want the complete brochure, you can download it here. It is about an 800K file. With the Platinum Plan you get all of the discounts of the two lesser plans.

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- You can download the forms from our site and mail them in

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- Click here for the complete brochure - This is a large file (800K)

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