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Ohio Maternity Plans

Ohio maternity insurance does not exist. There is no such thing. The same for Ohio maternity plans. Once again, you cannot purchase a maternity plan. But, there are ways to help cover maternity expenses and that is what we will tell you about on this web page.

We use the maternity insurance and plan terms so that you would be able to find us.

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Two Ways to Help Cover Maternity Expenses

Maternity Rider for Health Insurance

First of all, you can get a maternity rider as part of your health insurance plan.

If you have private (not through an employer group) health insurance, this is something you will need to add to the plan. It might be expensive and will certainly have waiting periods before you can become pregnant. However, it will cover pre-natal visits as well as the delivery.

You can click on our Quote button to get more information on plans that might have a maternity rider option.

If you have group health insurance, chances are you already have maternity coverage. We can provide group coverage for a group of two or more full time (W2 not 1099) employees. The plan will have full maternity with not waiting period.

Reduced Fees for Maternity Expenses

Since an Ohio maternity insurance plan does not exist you do have another option other than a maternity rider or group health insurance. That is, getting discounted rates for maternity services.

All obstetricians will offer you a pre-paid or cash rate for their services. Too few people have maternity coverage so they usually have a special discounted rate. You need to call them and ask.

Every hospital that has a maternity section will offer a cash or prepaid discount for delivery. You need to call and ask. Find out what it includes and when and how it needs to be paid.

Advocacy Services

There are companies that will find the best and lowest cost doctors and hospital services for you. They provide a number of other services as well. If you do not want to do your own negotiations, this is a fairly inexpensive way to have it done for you. You just give them your zip code and they will do the rest.

The service is $90 a year for an individual when you use our special promo code.

Simply go to www.compassphs.com/register.php (click on link). Use the Promo Code UKM when registering.

Compass does this every day and I think they can probably save you many times the ninety bucks you pay for the program. Use the link.

What About My Regular Health Insurance?

Keep in mind that even though your plan may not have maternity coverage, it will still cover a complication to delivery. So, the big expense associated with this event will still be covered. Read your policy. You should find it.

While Ohio maternity insurance is not available, there are other means to help cover your maternity expenses. We have people calling us thinking it costs $20,000 to have a baby. This is nonsense. The real cost in having a baby is after its born and many, many years afterward.

Call us if you have questions or need help.

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