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Ohio Group Health Insurance Does Not Have to be Expensive

Every day we get a call from a company that has just received a heart-stopping rate increase on their Ohio group health insurance plan. Honestly, if you want the "super-deluxe", low deductible, insurance pays for everything plan, then you are going to have to eat the premium increase. No one can help you lower costs.

If you are willing to be creative and "think out of the box", we can help you bring down your health insurance costs. We do it every day.

Indemnity plans are the lowest cost Ohio group health insurance plans available

No matter how you slice it or dice it, the only way to save money on group health insurance is to shift the costs around. You can do this in many ways depending on what you want to spend and how much benefit you want to offer. Let me start with the most basic of all plans.

Basic Indemnity Plan - We offer a guaranteed issue plan for $125 a month per employee. It does not matter how old they are or if they have a poor health history. The plan requires a minimum of 5 employees and the benefits can be used anywhere in the United States.

Base Plan (these are the amounts the plan will reimburse based on an actual medical expense):
Office Visits (6 office visits per person/per year)
Diagnostic X-Ray & Lab
$60/per test
Accident Coverage (per occurrence)
Surgical Schedule
Up to $3,000
Hospital Indemnity (per day, up to lifetime maximum
of 500 days)
Generic Rx: $5, Brand-name contraceptives $20  
Substance Abuse (per day, up to 30 days per calendar year)
Intensive Care (per day, up to 30 days per calendar year)
Skilled Nursing (per day, for stays in a skilled Nursing Facility, up to a maximum of 60 days per stay)
Mental Illness (per day, up to a maximum of $5000 per calendar year)
Life Insurance/AD & D
Dependent Life
Children (10 days to 6 months)
Children (6 months to 19, 26 if full-time student)

Closing the Gap on the Indemnity Plan

The above plan has been immensely popular. Usually, it is sold into businesses where there are relatively low-wage employees. Even coverage for the entire family is affordable. However, when used with higher wage employees, professionals and managerial level workers, the plan is not viewed as adequate. There are a number of ways to "beef up" the plan and still save money over traditional insurance.


The biggest complaint we get about the indemnity plan is that there are limits to the coverage. By "wrapping" the plan inside of an excess loss plan, we can eliminate that problem.

For example, if we add a $10,000 excess loss plan to the above plan, you now have a plan that kicks in if the employee out-of-pocket expense exceeds $10,000. The plan will still come in at 30% to 40% less expensive than traditional group PPO plans.

If you have a healthy group of 21 or more employees, you can save a substantial amount on your group health insurance costs. You can even get some of your premium returned!

It doesn't sound fair - If your group generates a lot of large claims you will end up with the highest rates the company can legally offer. However, if you do not present any major claims and have a relatively healty workforce, you do not find the insurance company sending you back some of your premium each year.

This can all change. We have plans that will reward you for moderate claims (we do expect the employees to use the plan). In many instances we can save 30% or more under comparable PPO plans. These are not minimal plans. They are full PPO plans with doctor visits, prescriptions, etc. Plus, they can be used nationally in case you have employees in other states.

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