Ohio Health Insurance For Children

Child-Only Ohio Health Insurance Plans

Child only health insurance in Ohio has been almost completely eliminated after the passage of the new healthcare legislation. None of the major carriers will insure a child under the age of 19 unless a parent is on the plan with them.

We do offer an alternative. Short term or Temporary major medical health insurance can still be purchased for a child. A parent does not have to be on the plan and it will offer them real major medical health insurance including office visits.

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Why am I having so much trouble getting a health insurance plan for my child?

About a year ago or so, if you called and asked for an Ohio Child Only health plan, it would be a very simple process. There were plenty of plans available from all major carriers.

However, when they passed the healthcare bill called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) they forgot one very important step. They forgot to read it before they signed it.

They were very careful about making sure that children would be covered regardless of their preexisting conditions. But, they did not take the time to add just a few sentences that would have made the insurance carriers offer this plan without a parent on the plan as well.

Are these plans real health insurance?

Yes, these are full major medical health insurance plans. But they were never designed for this use. They were designed for short term needs as a bridge between plans. Here are the differences:

A traditional health insurance plan is generally automatically renewable until you are 65. You do not have to prove you are healthy or answer any medical questions.

A short term plan must be reapplied for every 6 months. If you are not healthy when you reapply, they can decline you.

These plans will never cover a preexisting condition. They will still provide a

What is covered?

Physician office visits and urgent care centers are $50 without any deductible. This is for a "sick" visit. They do not cover checkups.

Prescriptions are offered through a discount card.

Everything else (hospital, surgery , emergency room, etc) are covered once you meet the deductible.

Is there a network of doctors?

No, you can use any physician you want. We do have a more expensive plan that has a PPO network as part of it.

Where can I get more information and/or apply?

We have two different Ohio health insurance plans for children. One is for children 30 days old or older. The other is for children 2 years of age or older.

The plan for children 2 years of age is less expensive and has a $50 copay for office visits. But, there is no PPO network.

The plan for children 30 days or older has a national PPO network but nothing is covered until you meet the deductible.

Both are excellent A rated companies. You can get more information on these plans with the links below:

Ohio health insurance for children is not easy to find but either of these plan will provide the protection you need for your children. Do not go without health insurance. Call us if you have questions or need help.

Contact Us at 800-272-0512 Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM